Who Said, “God is a Comedian…?”

People are often unsure if it’s ok to laugh, when talking about God or religion.  I not only think it’s ok, but required.  Bill Maher makes a living at it, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  Atheists, hold your applause.  Let’s presume for a moment that God does exist.

Would an almighty God with the power to create the universe, lack a sense of humor?

So many visitors to God in the Box, as it traveled the country and popped-up on random street corners, attributed some type of human characteristics to “God.”  Many of us cannot help but to see God as some sort of wise, old man (or in other cases a beautiful woman).  We describe this God as having love and compassion and a purpose for us all.  How then, for those people, does God not laugh or find life funny?

Voltaire proclaimed, “God is a comedian, playing to an audience, too afraid to laugh.”

It’s so true, but why?

Why are we afraid?  I ask you to ask yourself?  I suppose many of the answers can be found in our scriptures.  But so many of the pastors, priests, rabbis, imams, everyday folks and spiritual people I’ve met along the journey of this film keep a sense of humor about themselves and the subject of God.

In the film, we encounter a man who compares the temperatures in Hell to the temperatures he feels here on earth, in Arizona — and people laugh.  In Las Vegas, outside a landmark wedding chapel, who enters God in the Box, but The King himself, Elvis — and people laugh.  As one woman in the box says, “God is not politically correct.”  Before screenings, I remind audiences what Voltaire said.  When you watch the film, I encourage you to give yourself permission to laugh, along with all the other emotions it evokes.

Stay tuned.  God in the Box is planning a Digital Sneak Peek for the Holidays!  Please share.

God In The Box is “Brilliant!” – YouTube

-Nathan Lang – writer/director

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