What Does Freedom Of Religion Mean To You?

When our country’s founders protected our freedom of religion, do you think they envisioned one specific religion and the freedom to choose whether or not to follow it?  Or do you think they envisioned that our citizens could choose from the myriad of faiths, which religion they might follow — if they believed in a God?

Politics aside, the freedom itself takes into account that we are all different — that the world offers us many different ways to view God — and that no single view should be elevated above the views of others.

When the filmmakers behind “God In The Box” took to the road to explore our many diverse and curious views, we knew we needed to take the Box to small towns and big cities in different regions of the country, to try and capture our collective ideas through our personal and wide-ranging definitions of God.

We decided one rule would guide us: If it happened in the Box, we would explore it.  This would help us avoid applying any personal agenda.  It would also help us frame the journey.  This wouldn’t show us every personal perspective, but it would allow us to begin to see how incredibly diverse our views of God are today — as much or more so than the days our Constitution and Bill of Rights were written.

Ask anyone who’s seen the footage or the film during our Advanced Screenings tour and they will tell you how incredibly eye-opening it is to consider the range and assortment of ways we see God.  I’ve personally heard from countless audience members who are transformed by the experience of hearing people in the Box share an interpretation of the divine, which doesn’t match their own.

We begin to understand others and be less threatened by their differences — making it all that much easier to love thy neighbor as thyself.

Love thy neighbor.  It’s a basic tenet which crosses cultures and religions around the world and in our own communities.

Freedom of religion inspires us to respect and grow from our differences.  Faith itself is arrived at through exploration and question with eyes wide open.  Fear is often arrived at when our eyes and ears are shut.  Join the hundreds of early adopters of “God In The Box,” and bring the film, dialogue and open-mindedness to your community.  Enjoy the journey through the mind’s eye.

Now you’re empowered to host an Advance Screening of “God In The Box” in your hometown.  You’re empowered to open minds and begin healthy, multi-faith dialogues, helping to transform communities on a grassroots level.  By sharing the experience of “God In The Box,” let’s celebrate our freedom of religion, together.

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  1. Great question!

    I see ‘freedom of religion’ as the freedom to believe in whatever religion we chose or none at all.

    I love this article below and wish more people knew about mythicism, which explains the origins, history and evolution of religious concepts as mythology based on natural phenomena i.e. astrotheology. This should be taught in schools, colleges & universities but, it’s not – not at the level it should be.

    Were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Jesus Mythicists?

    The Mythicist Position | What is Mythicism?

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