The clover, God & St. Patrick

Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated for more than 1000-years as a day of observance and feasting!  Today it’s also celebrated by many cultures and people of different faiths, with the honorary greeting of, “Happy St. Patty’s Day,” and the drinking of beer.

History tells us that there is a deeper connection between God and St. Patrick.  Legend has it, the clover, in fact is a symbol of the Holy Trinity: God, the son, the holy spirit.  You can read more here:

St. Patrick’s Day — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts

As we learn through the the documentary film, “God In The Box,” God means many different things to many different people.  We may not all agree on the definition and descriptions of God, but we can find fellowship today in a festival of gratitude and abundance.  Happy St. Patty’s Day!  God bless the Irish!  May we all have a full, festive and abundant day.

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God In The Box poster

God In The Box poster

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