Holy Week For Many, Springtime For All (in our hemisphere)

This weekend represents a particularly holy time for people of many faiths, all over the world.  In the United States, we are exposed to so many diverse cultures and celebrations this time of year. Even for non-believers or non-religious types, there is a noticeable change in the air — a rejuvenation of spirit.  For me, the weekend has provided a time to reflect on the week past, which I shared with many wonderful people and GOD IN THE BOX, in Indiana.

Spring in Bloomington, Indiana always buzzes with energy and excitement.  Flowers bloom, the air is filled with Hoosier spirit, and positive feelings pollinate across the campus of IU. This Spring, GOD IN THE BOX got a premium parking spot (which, if you know IU, is nearly impossible to come by) right in the middle of it all, at Sample Gates.


The diversity of students creates a vibrant mix of academics, athletes, races, cultures, politics, religious and non-religious views.  What an opportunity for GOD IN THE BOX to spend a few days and provide a place for all these thoughtful and interesting people to express their feelings about “God.”

Through the determination of IU student David Bloom, the IU Hillel’s Rabbi Sue as well as numerous faith-based and secular organizations and student groups on campus, an incredible series of programs came together.  Many people in Bloomington took their turns in The Box and got to experience that moment when it’s just them, the questions, their thoughts, The Box and God.  Even for non-believers, the subject is alive and present inside that space.

Zain Ashary, David Bloom, Nathan Lang, God In The Box

For three days, The Box was up at Sample Gates and visitor after visitor sat inside and recorded their thoughts on God.  Once again, their stories take us on an amazing journey of personal experiences — moments of pure joy and moments of despair.   Filmmaker Nathan Lang worked with Bloom and student editor Ben Rothenberg to create a GOD IN THE BOX at IU short video (which will soon be posted and linked to this blog).

Suffice it to say, Springtime in Bloomington was a wonderful place in time to celebrate our diversity, reinforce our ability to disagree but do it with respect and sometimes even agree, as we journey together with a renewed spirit, nurtured by nature itself.

-Nathan Lang, Director/Producer, GOD IN THE BOX

For information about how to bring The Box, the documentary film and most importantly the dialogue to your community, please sign up for a screening at Screenings | God In The Box.

Stay tuned to our Youtube Channel for great clips from Indiana and new videos from the film:  GodintheBoxFilm – YouTube.

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