Springtime Doesn’t Discriminate

Is it an accident that Easter and Passover happen almost concurrently?  Springtime is meaningful to us all.  As part of humankind we share that.

Fanpop, Spring River

All over the world people of different faiths and humanists celebrate with their rituals and traditions marking this time of year.  We have symbols of sacrifice like the crucifix and symbols of perseverance like matzah and symbols of new life like the Easter egg.

This time of year draws our attention to stories of rebirth and resurrection interwoven with fertility and rites of Spring. What are the modern lessons we can all apply to the ancient practices? How can we learn to appreciate our collective human experience without getting lost in the differences of our practices and paths?

The Box doesn’t discriminate or judge

God In The Box doesn’t discriminate on who can go inside or judge what visitors say, draw or express.  Springtime doesn’t discriminate either.  It warms and welcomes with open arms, regardless one’s faith or feelings about God.

To our friends of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths — to our Hindu and Buddhist brothers and sisters — to our secular, humanist and atheist friends: During this mindful and meaningful time, we wish you peace, prosperity, fertility, love, humor, song and all the qualities of Spring which help us live happy, fruitful lives, together in this world we share.

-Nathan Lang, director/producer “God in the Box”

"DIrector In The Box"


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