“God In The Box” Reactions and Reviews to Global Sneak Peek

To our wonderful, growing community of “God in the Box” fans,

Thank you for participating so enthusiastically in our Global Free Peek for the holidays.  We can tell by your reactions and reviews that the film touched a lot of you in meaningful, personal ways.  Many of you have posted reviews and emotional reactions on our social media channels and we thank you for sharing.

Here are a few:

“Truly amazing! Love this!” – Christina

“It’s worth watching…You won’t regret it…It is a wonderful way of assessing your most special core questions. No need to answer anybody but yourself!  A very private moment indeed.” – Judy

“My husband and I really enjoyed watching your show last night. Thank you so much for being bold enough to do this.” – Kellie

“I watched God in the Box twice…! Such a fantastic film with so many interesting thoughts and questions.  Any chance of this hitting theaters so everyone will have a chance to watch it?” – Barak

We will be posting more wonderful reflections which viewers and fans sent us directly.  We can also tell that it was a helpful conversation starter for families of mixed faiths and for individuals who don’t believe in God at all.  We’re thrilled the film has resonated with so many of you, for your own personal reasons.  Based on your incredible reaction, the film’s producers and I are considering another special promotion sometime in 2013.

For now, we’re going back out on the road with God in the Box for our continuing series of screenings and special events on college campuses, in congregations and throughout diverse communities.  Be sure to visit our “Advance Screenings” page on to select the custom screening package for you!  Then you’ll get your advance screener DVD and Program Toolkit sent directly to you.

If you’re not sure about buying the license just yet, sign up your organization for more information.  But if you’re membership or organization is like thousands of others, we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with your “God in the Box” event.

For the home viewers, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to host a house party and program your own screening event right in your living room.  Invite your family, friends and neighbors!  Watch the film and see what amazing conversations are sparked.  These packages are for home screenings, house parties, bible study groups, interfaith meetings, family get-togethers, humanist and secular gatherings, and any small group events.

After you see the film, we hope you’ll get involved with God in the Box.  You can do this by sharing your experience, building a box of your own and introducing the idea to your friends, group or congregation.  Now that you’ve been transported inside the box for your own reflections, build your own box and do it for real.  You won’t regret it.  Hundreds…thousands can attest to that.

Thank you.  Hope to see you at a live event!

-Nathan Lang, director/producer “God in the Box”


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