about the film

God in the Box is a documentary film, which explores the mystery and controversy behind what God looks like and means to us as Americans in the 21st century. In the midst of today’s fractured and confusing claims on God, the film asserts two basic questions: What does God mean to you? What does God look like, to you?

The filmmakers embark on a cross-country journey with their
small, mobile studio (and main character), The Box. They invite people to step inside and share what they see in their mind’s eye, and if possible, draw what God looks like to them. Along their journey, the filmmakers set The Box up on iconic street corners and diverse locations across America.

A remarkable collection of scholars, religious leaders and a mythologist help examine the material and put it into a historical and relevant context. The surprises and revelations about our current interpretations of God come to light, as small glimpses inside the minds of others helps illuminate a much bigger picture.

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