Why is religious hatred tolerated? God In The Box director’s note.

God In The Box Director

God In The Box DIrector, Nathan Lang

I had a recent encounter with a delivery man.  As often happens, he asked about God In The Box.  He seemed fascinated by the subject and very curious but suspicious.  He asked me to tell him something I learned from The Box.  I said how fascinating it was that seemingly different people of different faiths, often have a lot in common.

He so firmly took issue with this idea that he immediately began a lengthy monologue about our differences and further singled-out “those people,” (members of a faith not shared by him), essentially as entirely evil.  It was a little shocking, and a lot nauseating.

I tried to invite him to see the film and see what I saw from diverse people all over the country, through The Box.  But he was adamant.   It was eerie and sad.

While climbing back into his truck he asked, “What’s the name of your movie again?”  I said, “God In The Box.”  Maybe he’ll sign up for the film, and a little kernel of tolerance will grow inside him.  Where are we failing in our society, that a delivery man revels in his bigotry so much that he openly shares it with a customer?

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-Nathan Lang, Director “God In The Box”

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