If you've ever been curious about God, Jesus Christ, Adonai, Allah, Buddha, something spiritual you
can't describe, what agnostics question, or why atheists don't believe, then see God In The Box. It's is a
documentary film that follows filmmaker Nathan Lang and his crew, as they explore the diverse and
curious ways we see God, in our mind's eye -- through the lens of their amazing Box.

Missouri, The Show Me “God In The Box” State

In recent days I've had the pleasure of screening the film with an audience in Columbia, Missouri, right down the street from Mizzou. Upon landing, my hosts immediately took me to legendary Shakespeare's Pizza, to give me a taste of the town.

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Springtime Doesn’t Discriminate

To our friends of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths -- to our Hindu and Buddhist brothers and sisters -- to our secular, humanist and atheist friends: During this mindful and meaningful time, we wish you peace, prosperity, fertility, love, humor, song and all the qualities of Spring which help us live happy, fruitful lives, together in this world we share.

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